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Are you a recruiter?

We are regularly approached by outside recruiters with their ideal candidate. When we are looking ourselves, we call you. 

Every day we clap our hands in happiness with the recruiters we already have on board. We get all the help we need that way, so please don't call us. And we would totally appreciate it if you do not send emails or call our colleagues who are not involved in recruitment. Because we take all candidates seriously but our time is limited, here is a brief FAQ.

FAQ for recruiters
All your questions are answered here.

We don't know each other. Can I make an appointment to know more about BPSOLUTIONS?
No, that may sound a little short, but if we have to get acquainted with everyone, we would have a day job here. We prefer to invest our time in our own sourcing. If we do choose your candidate, we would still like to meet you.

What exactly are you looking for in a candidate?
Check out our website, read our blogs blogs or analyze our vacancies We also attach great importance to our core values and believe that the human touch is extremely important.

My candidates fit your profile perfectly. May I share them?
If you send an unsolicited CV or link directly to our recruitment department or one of our colleagues and there is no signed search agreement, these candidates are considered by BPSOLUTIONS to be free to approach. No placement fee will be paid when the candidate is hired by BPSOLUTIONS.

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